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NATASHA GORRIE: 2014 Headliner


Natasha Gorrie has grown up in the hip hop dance scene since a young age. Her first brush of hip hop dance was when her mother taught her how to do the running man in the living room of their home. Natasha’s mother was a freestyle dancer self taught , with a huge passion for new jack swing dancing. Ever ... Read More »

MEGAN LAWSON: 2014 Headliner


Bio: Megan L awson grew up studying tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta . In 2006, the young Canadian moved to Los Angeles and submerged herself in the dance scene. Megan became a member of the crew ‘Fanny Pak’ seen on America’s Best Dance Crew, and since has been choreographing, performing, teaching and assisting ... Read More »

2013 Headliners


HEADLINER 1-  Teresa Espinosa   Teresa Espinosa was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Growing up she was inspired by watching Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. She started her dance training by attending a performing arts junior high and high school, where she was awarded a scholarship to California Institute of the Arts. After receiving a BFA in Dance and ... Read More »