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NATASHA GORRIE: 2014 Headliner

Natasha-Gorrie-headshot-2014-danceNatasha Gorrie has grown up in the hip hop dance scene since a young age.
Her first brush of hip hop dance was when her mother taught her how to do the running man in the living room of their home.
Natasha’s mother was a freestyle dancer self taught , with a huge passion for new jack swing dancing.
Ever since then Natasha has had a love for the fundamentals of hip hop and funk styles.

Some of her film and television credits include She’s the man, Another
Cinderella Story, Hellcats, DJ Tiesto music video, Campbell’s Soup commercial and Nestle Water commercial.
Natasha has toured throughout Asia, taught dance in India, trained and lived in LA.
She has choreographed for Monsters of Hip Hop, and also loves to join a freestyle circle.
Natasha loves training in many forms of dance, she will never stop seeking
for new information on dance. Currently she is focused on training for battles in town and internationally.

Natasha is co-founder of a power house all female crew based out of Vancouver called
Diamonds In The Rough. As a group they have travelled throughout
the USA performing and training. Diamonds In The Rough have big
dreams and goals. They enjoy working together on ways to make those dreams reality.

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