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Experience is determined by the current years of Hip Hop dance as well as the hours of hip hop training per week. This information needs to be gathered for every registered class.

For Beg, Inter, and Adv – if a dancer trains for 4.5hrs or more per week than they will automatically be put into an accelerated category. The current season does not count as one year.
eg) 3 yrs of exp & 5hrs of dance/wk = Beg Accelerated
eg.) 3 yrs of exp and 1.5hrs of dance/wk = Beginner

FESTIVAL 0-1 yr (teacher discretion)
BEGINNER 0-3 yrs
OPEN Instructor * see definition below
ACCELERATED 4.5+ hrs weekly

PRE CREW student choreography based routine
PRO CREW professional choreography based routine

* An Instructor/Professional is someone who teaches more than 3 hours per week and is 19 years of age and older. Open can be eligible for awards if there are enough participants

Providing False Registration Information

If false information is provided or if it is discovered that a group is deliberately registered in the wrong category, it will result in immediate disqualification of that group from the competition. This is why it is important to double check your years of experience and weekly hours of hip hop training with every student in each class registered to ensure proper information is collected.

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