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The REAL will not tolerate disrespect, slander or aggression towards staff or those carrying out work on behalf of The Real. Any acts deemed as such by the organizers of this event will result in immediate disqualification of the person(s) responsible, including the forfeit of all awards/cash prizes received.

Any studio affiliated with such behavior will be withdrawn from the competition and is subject to a $500 fine.


The REAL will not allow unauthorized promotion or marketing of any studio during the competitive studio portion of our competition. This includes acts such as:

  • Including the registered studio name in any competitive entry performance names, announced over the sound system. (Example: studio name is Millenium Studio. Competitive entry name is: New Millenium)
  • Placing studio name, logo or recognizable branding on costumes, props or backgrounds that appear on stage during the competitive routine
  • Including the registered studio name in the music mix of a competitive routine
  • Placing unauthorized inserts into the event program, or distributing marketing materials to our patrons & competitors during the event

This list is by no means exhaustive. The REAL directors and staff reserve the right to disqualify any studio participating in unauthorized self promotion or marketing.

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