Extra! Extra!


What makes The Real different?

We are changing the way you view  dance competition. Looking to boost your competitive experience? MAKE A REAL IMPACT THIS SEASON.
The Real provides a rebooted platform for unparalelled production value and digital technology to enhance the competitive experience for dancers & audience alike. This performance rich environment is perfect for studios to showcase their unique creative identity and provide audiences & fellow studios a new take on the competitive routines they have seen all season long.

The competition is designed to exemplify the word REAL in as many ways as possible. First off, The Real brings down a commercial judge as well as a Hip Hop Pioneer to the panel. This is unique in that it provides “real” credibility to the competition by having diverse & authentic street dance judges adjudicating the street dancers on stage.

Secondly, The Real introduces a new feature in competitions: “Real Talk”. This on-stage, live exchange occurs between the panel and the audience/dancers with topics ranging from the Hip Hop industry today, History and facts about street dance culture and tips and tricks for dancers on maximizing their performance.

Lastly, the real also incorporates a video and graphic enhancement feature for all dancers! This all new feature allows the choreographers/studio owners to submit a video or graphic to the Real to use as a backdrop for their routine (some limits apply due to copyright protection and soliciting). This new concept enhances the visual presentation of each routine by giving it an atmosphere and environment suitable to the vibe and overall “feel” of the routine. Something as simple as a street background, a playground, city skyline, dance club or movie reel can really enhance the visual effect and give each routine that extra element to convey the choreographer’s vision. This “reel” idea adds a new dimension to each routine by making the vibe of the routine more apparent.  This will be far more dynamic and definitely help push the envelope of creativity for each choreographer involved .

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